2017 Projects

Teacher Project  Buy It Now      Starting Bid 
Shelton "Hand Heart Portraits" with hand painted frames  
Moray "Hearts in Hands", collage & individual prints  
Jorgensen Birdhouses & Birdfeeders  
Ms. Sorensen Watercolor Peacock Painting  
Ninow Birdhouse/Birdfeeders & Magnet Sets  
Maher Patriotic Hand Print Art - Canvas & Cards  
Marchant String Art & Hopscotches  
Brown* Student Art Work Card Sets $10 
Ms. Lisa Birthday Banners & *Student Artwork Card Sets $10 
Parker Season Trees & *Student Artwork Card Sets $10 
Lemon Space Memory & *Student Artwork Card Sets $10 
Barica Student Painting  
Crane & Ms. Val Mexican Wishing Dolls  
Mecham Birds of a Feather Postcards  
Ms. Heidi Paper Mache Piggy Banks  
Roberts Oak Framed Paper Paintings  
Agrimson Birthday Banners  
Ms. Barb Framed Map Landscapes  
Lingen Torn Paper Mosaics  
Tibbitts  Salt Lake City Scape  
Pulley  State Jigsaw Puzzle - Tour of the States  
Marquez  String Art Tree  
Mr. Sorenson Felt Mosaic Pictures  
Rodriguez Zentangle Rainbow Art  
Taylor  Student Photos  
Fullmer Memories from Highland Park Quilt  
Peck Marbled Mugs  
Pugmire Self Portrait Bowling Sets  
Gifford Exploding Art Canvas  
Jessie/Jessica Reaching for the Stars Pictures & Packs of Cards  

*Buy It Now pricing is for individual projects.  Notes will be sent home if your child's project can be purchased before Arts Night.  All other projects will be bid on in the Silent Auction room on Arts Night.