2015 Projects

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 Shelton Hand Painted Wooden Truck Sets  
 Jorgensen Hand Print Sunflowers  
 Pence Sun Catchers, Button Art, and Heart  Hands  
 Hendriksen Paintings  
 Brown Tissue Paper Watercolors  
 Barnson Irish Chain Quilt  
 Marchant Packs of Cards  
 Maher Lego Rings and Pins  


 Fingerprint Paintings  
 Parker Flower Leis  
 Morely Little House Collages  
 Lemon School Photo Albums & Packs of Cards  
 Montano Up, Up, and Away!  
 Crane/Ms. Sarah Painted Wood Collages  
 Mecham Packages of Cards  
 Boogart Tree & Circles Paintings  
 Roberts Mosaic Mirror  
 Lingen Water Color Triangles  
 Peterson Packages of Stationary  
 Agrimson Harry Potter Mugs  
 Curtis Relief Print Journal Sets  
 Marquez Clay Hand Bowls  
 Rodriguez Road Runner Collages  
 Sorensen Starry Night Collage Painting   
 Fullmer Popsicle Stick Art - "Lickity Lick The Popsicle Stick"  
 Taylor/Ms. Liz/Ms. Jessie Walking in Someone Else's Shoes  Paintings  
 Pili Upcycled Book Page Art  
 Leaver Metal Garden Flowers & Card Packages