Children's Activities

Did you know that this is our 12th annual Arts Night fundraiser and that Nancy Meidell has been with us from the start?!  A huge round of applause for Nancy and her dedication to our art programs AND her suave bargain hunting skills that have delighted many students at our Arts Night Market.

Nancy needs help this year and a replacement for next year!  To volunteer contact Sonal Kerr at sonalkerr@me.com.

This area is always a hit with the children! There are many activities, prizes and the market to purchase small treasures. All activities can be purchased with Tickets.  Here are a few of the wonderful activities we had at Arts Night last year!

  • Emoji Magnets
  • Make a minion Egg
  • Paper plate banjo
We'd like to welcome and thank the Utah Museum of Fine Arts  for supporting our art programs. The UMFA will be joining us at Arts Night this year to make a fun art project with the kids.  This project is free to us thanks to the Professional Outreach to Public Schools (POPS) program through the State Office of Education and the Salt Lake County Zoo Arts and Parks Program (ZAP).

Tickets for the Children's Activities

Early ticket sales will begin the week of March 6th, 2017.
  • $10 for 12  Orange Tickets for early ticket sales
  • $10 for 10  Orange Tickets purchased at Arts Night

If you do not have a student at Highland Park and would like to purchase your tickets early, please contact Sonal Kerr at sonalkerr@me.com or 801-232-4197.